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Interview: Antoinette Ribas

on Amnesty International, Cap48, Interviews, MSF, UNICEF

Antoinette est sortie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles en 1999 et commence sa carrière comme Directrice de Création chez Ogilvy, puis chez Cathedral (MC Cann Erickson), LG&F (Famous), Mortierbrigade avant de poser ses valises chez AIR en 2009. Au fur et [...]


EACA Care Awards 2012 Winners

on EACA Care Awards

Here’s the retrospective of the 2012 EACA Care Awards winners. The Care Awards aims to recognise excellence in social marketing as part of EACA’s overall commitment to promote Corporate Social Responsibility. Don’t forget to get ready for the 2013 EACA Care [...]

cruk enemy  


on Cancer Research UK

The Cancer Research UK foundation ask you in their new video to help them kill cancer. Instead of using culpability to push you to make a donation, they are arguing on the fact that the enemy of cancer is research, [...]

arctic bear  

Arctic Home

on WWF

Since 2007, WWF and The Coca-Cola Company have worked together to conserve and protect fresh water around the world as rising populations and climate change put increased pressure on this resource. To launch the save the arctic campaign called “Artic [...]


The Swiss Salvation Army @ Eurovision 2013

on The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Switzerland was founded under the motto “Soup, Soap and Salvation” in the 19th century. It’s an international movement, and it’s an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Despite they are very active on the battlefield of charity, their [...]


Children of Syria


UNICEF wants your attention on the Syrian crisis, which forced more than 10% of syrian population to be displaced. They need help with food and clothing for the winter. On wednesday UNICEF launched a video to that show you pictures [...]


Stand and Fight

on NRA

The “pros” and “antis” gun control legislation in the U.S. continue fighting in the media. This time it’s the NRA (National Rifle Association, the anti gun control legislation side…) who launched their video on the 16th January, the same day [...]


Demand a Plan

on Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Responding to the urge of new legislation after the Newtown shooting, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization ask the U.S. Congress to take “common sense legislations” on gun controls: • Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America • [...]