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Battlekid – The Game

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This year Amnesty International Belgium launched their "Candle Campaign 2012" on the topic of child soldiers. They worked with brussels-based Air agency which produced six greats prints and a video game called "Battlekid The Game".


The idea of the game is to make a parody of usual war games. You can configure your "kid" avatar from Colombia, Bruma or from Congo and select your favorite weapons. You have also instruction on "how to play" or the "highscore".




But then the trick is that when you want to start the game appears the message from Amnesty: "We don't play with the life of a child." Amnesty will kindly ask you to share the message.



The following prints are also worth a look showing three small "war heroes" that are just big enough to stand on the picture.


And the 3 last prints, Amnesty slows you hidden adults soldiers, and in the frontline child soldiers:


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