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Interview: Antoinette Ribas

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Antoinette est sortie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles en 1999 et commence sa carrière comme Directrice de Création chez Ogilvy, puis chez Cathedral (MC Cann Erickson), LG&F (Famous), Mortierbrigade avant de poser ses valises chez AIR en 2009. Au fur et [...]

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Write for Rights

on Amnesty International

In the surrounding days of the International Human Rights Day on December 10th, Amnesty International launch their annual Write For Rights actions through the WRITE #4RIGHTS campaign. For the history, in 1961, when Amnesty’s founder Peter Benenson wrote a letter to The Observer telling [...]


4 Weeks For Freedom

on Amnesty International

During the night of the 22nd of November, hundreds of activists from Amnesty International Nederland hang up paper puppets of Ales Bialiatski and Nasrin Sotoudeh. Both are imprisoned political activists respectively in Belarus and Iran, which Amnesty International wants you to help, [...]


Battlekid – The Game

on Amnesty International

This year Amnesty International Belgium launched their “Candle Campaign 2012″ on the topic of child soldiers. They worked with brussels-based Air agency which produced six greats prints and a video game called “Battlekid The Game”.   The idea of the game is [...]


Take Action-Stand with Malala

on Amnesty International

MadClocks is back! After some holidays (too long I agree), MadClocks comes back to support the Amnesty Internatial call to write a message to Malala the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Talibans. As the Amnesty’s Take Action page [...]

Death to the death penalty  

Death to the death penalty and Wanda

on Amnesty International

“Marvin Wilson was executed in Texas on 7 August for a murder committed in 1992, despite evidence of his intellectual disability (his IQ went not higher than 61) as reported by Amnesty International. The organization described the event as ” [...]


Make some noise for those who can’t be heard!

on Amnesty International

Great double billboard from Amnesty New Zealand by Publicismojo, this pair of billboards links a screaming woman in what appears to be a fashion advertisement with a disturbing billboard featuring a woman being held by force. Similar billboards feature Pete and Luke, screaming [...]