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The History Of Climate Change Negotiations In 83 Seconds

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The Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) and PetPunk provided us this wonderful video simply entitled "The History Of Climate Change Negotiations In 83 Seconds".  They launched it just on time for the 2012 UN Framework Convention On Climate Change that started the 26th of November in Doha, Qatar.

The song in the video makes clear the way the people from CICERO see this umpteenth tentative from the UNFCCC to negotiate the continuation of Kyoto protocole. In spite of this, CICERO and PetPunk received the support of the Research Council of Norway.

CICERO’s mission is to conduct research and provide reports, information and expert advice about issues related to global climate change and international climate policy with the aim of acquiring knowledge that can help enhance international climate cooperation.


PetPunk are two lithuanian artists named Gediminas Šiaulys & Andrius Kirvela, who show great inventivity in their creations, as you can see in this video below for the "Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009" campaign.


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