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Cauchemar de femme

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This is not another horror movie, it's the campaign from the SAMU Social de Paris. They need to raise funds to help the homeless women in Paris. The movie is called "Cauchemar de femme" (A woman's nightmare), and it shows a homeless woman getting chased by two guys. It's cold, violent and thrilling, and that's the purpose of the video, because an emergency center is going to close in Paris, and they want to get your attention about it.

The movie was directed by Frédéric Schœndœrffer on a voluntary basis. Publicis organised the interactive campaign, on the website cauchemardefemme.fr you can sign the petition to avoid the closure of the emergency center.

Later this year they released two new prints in which they point at the fact that one in three homeless women are victims of rape.


Publicis is an historical partner of the SAMU Social de Paris, we remember their great print campaign for the homeless people in 2009.

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