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How Many Slaves Work for You?

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On September 2011, Slavery Footprint launched a website that asked a single question "How Many Slaves Work For You?". The website made by the Muhtayzik - Hoffer agency made quite a buzz, so much that the website crashed under too many connection request.

Slavery Footprint was launched by the Fair Trade Fund, a California-based nonprofit group, with a $200,000 State Department grant.

The goal of Slavery Footprint was to make you aware that slavery is not over in some countries, and that some of the products you buy where produced out of forced labor. For that you need to take the survey on their website, and based on your consumption, you will find how much slaves are working for you.

You can then take action, and ask your favorite brand if they know every aspect of their supply chain.

For this great campaign Slavery Footprint and Muhtayzik - Hoffer agency received the 2012 Bronze Cyber Lions in the Public Interest category in Cannes.

You can also check the iPhone/Android app.




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