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Find Your Strength

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Expedia is an Internet-based travel website, and they launched their new short film that is part of the "Find Yours" campaign. They partnered for this project with the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In this film, they show the journey of a cancer survivor named Maggie who travels to  the US in order to share her experience. This video already made the buzz , + 1'000'000 views in 6 days.

Whether you like the approach or not, you won't get indifferent to this video. Actually Maggie is telling you the story of Odie, an other cancer survivor who became Maggie's best friend during her stay at the hospital. When Odie lost his life fighting against cancer he asked Maggie to spread the message about St. Jude's free medical care for adolescent cancer patients.

Expedia's Find Yours Campaign is a 100% user-generated conten campaignt, or, more specifically, travel-generated content. Photos, videos and stories come from everyday consumers who explain how their travel experience impacted them.

This campaign was made by the 180 LA agency. However, we wonder at MadClocks about the morality of telling the story of Odie and at the same time promote a brand like Expedia. What do you think? We would be happy to hear your thoughts...



An other Expedia's "Find Yours" short film:

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