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How to Shock a Celebrity

on End7

End7 is a campaign from the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases. The purpose of the campaign is to eradicate 7 diseases by 2020. Their fight against neglected tropical diseases is important as those diseases affect more than 1 billion [...]


Help Stop the Asian Carp Shake!

on Nature Conservancy

The NGO Nature Conservancy has a great project, to preserve and protect the Great Lakes of North America. This implies to avoid the invasion of the region by some species like the Asian Carp. So how could you raise awareness about [...]

acf action contre la faim bonne nouvelle  

Good news…

on Action Contre la Faim

The NGO Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) launched a TV spot campaign named “Bonne Nouvelle” (Good News in english) in 2012. They re-launched the campaign in 2013, as I saw it again on French TV today. At first [...]


Don’t Adapt to Air Pollution

on Clean Air Asia

The BBDO’s campaign for Clean Air Asia finds a great angle to get awareness about dangerous levels of air pollution in Asia. As the debate around the Kyoto Protocol seems stuck, Clean Air Asia tell us to not adapt to [...]


Children of Syria


UNICEF wants your attention on the Syrian crisis, which forced more than 10% of syrian population to be displaced. They need help with food and clothing for the winter. On wednesday UNICEF launched a video to that show you pictures [...]


Stand and Fight

on NRA

The “pros” and “antis” gun control legislation in the U.S. continue fighting in the media. This time it’s the NRA (National Rifle Association, the anti gun control legislation side…) who launched their video on the 16th January, the same day [...]


Demand a Plan

on Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Responding to the urge of new legislation after the Newtown shooting, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization ask the U.S. Congress to take “common sense legislations” on gun controls: • Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America • [...]


Smoking Kid

on Thai Health Promotion Foundation

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation ’s campaign for the World No Tobacco Day 2012 was a great success. The campaign was made by the Ogilvy & Mather Bankok agency, which came with the idea of showing two kids asking cigarettes in [...]

queen silvia children's hospital foundation cause related marketing advertising  

A Childish Letter

on Queen SIlvia Chidlren's Hospital

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital provides us with a great example of Direct Marketing with their last fundraising campaign: A Childish Letter. What they did was simply to ask children from the Queen Silvia Hospital to improve the [...]

expedia find your strength st jude children's hospital cause marketing advertising  

Find Your Strength

on St. Jude Children's Hospital

Expedia is an Internet-based travel website, and they launched their new short film that is part of the “Find Yours” campaign. They partnered for this project with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In this film, they show the journey of a cancer survivor [...]