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Own A Colour

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Unicef partnered with the paint brand Dulux for their campaign "Own A Colour". The paintbrand is offering people the opportunity to "own" a colour for £1 from a selection of 16.7 million colours. All money raised will go directly to Unicef, the children's charity.

People who purchase a colour are able to rename it and have it displayed on a dedicated Dulux microsite. Roger Moore already own the "Swedish Blue" colour.

The striking visual campaign builds on the success of initiatives like I CAN's Adopt A Word campaign, and the pixel-based Milliondollarhomepage.com of Alex Tew and Tate Britain's buy-a-pixel campaign to save Turner's The Blue Rigi for the nation in 2007.

The launch is an extension of the 'Let's Colour' campaign, designed to realise a socially responsible and truly global vision for Dulux Paints.

The campaign will keep running until the total of 16 millions colors are sold, for now they raised 107,673 £ since september 2011.

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