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Stop Violence Against Girls

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UNICEF Switzerland launched on November 20 a new advertising campaign called "Stop Gewalt an Mädchen/ Stop à la violence faite aux filles/Stop Violence Against Girls", with four TV spots and three prints. The campaign was developed by Saatchi&Saatchi Zurich.

The videos aim to raise awareness that in many countries, girls don't have a words to say on their future because of violence, prostitution, lack of education or simply social status. The visuals and the spots report stories of girls from Pakistan, India, RDC, Ukrainia, Nicaragua and Nigeria.

UNICEF also organized for Human Rights Day in December two major manifestations in Zurich and Geneva around the cause with the support of local politicians and artists such as Anatole Taubman.

English Subtitles:

- When I'll be 13, I would like to become...

- No, You gonna be sold to a stranger, you gonna prostitute yourself, and you gonna become a drug addict.

- When I'll be 14, I' would like to become...

- No, your life will be in danger, because you will refuse to marry the husband we choose for you.

- When I'll be 13, I would like to become...

- No, you will get married early, as your dowry would be too low, you're gonna be exploited all your life.

- When I'll be 12, I would like to become...

-No, armed men will abuse you and you will suffer from your wounds all your life.


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