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Procter Gamble Pampers UNICEF campaign cause related marketing  

UNICEF and Procter&Gamble “One Pack of Pampers = One Vaccine”


The 2012 Golden Halo Award Winner for Business is Procter & Gamble. And the numbers behind the campaign is a great call for cause-related marketing. Indeed, since P&G started the campaign " 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine" in 2006, they helped distributing 300 millions tetanus vaccines, protecting 100 millions women from neonatal tetanus.

The initiative expanded from a small pilot program in Western Europe. From then, the consumer enthusiasm has been so strong that the partners now expect the disease will be eliminated by 2015, as measured by World Health Organization standards.

"The one pack = one vaccine" seemed to be more credible in consumer testing than unrestricted donations. Tests showed that consumers are skeptical of big, unfocused promises, but are interested in concrete and seemingly feasible projects. Transparency is a key argument too. In this regard, "the one pack=one vaccine" campaign illustrates that a simple yet smart promise works. The small contribution per unit -currently set at 12 cents per package-makes Pampers one of the largest UNICEF's corporate donors today.

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