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The Fun Theory

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In 2009 Volkswagen asked DDB to generate interest around BlueMotion Technologies, a series of cars and innovations that help reduce environmental impact without compromising performance. The "Fun Theory" was born of the simple hypothesis that fun can change people's behavior for the better.

Rather than promote the theory through traditional advertising, the agency generated inventions in everyday settings. One of the things they did and went on to become a viral hit was to transform a subway staircase in Stockholm into a giant piano. The effect of this was that 66% more people chose to join the fun and take the stairs. The platform also encouraged people to create and submit similar initiatives offering a cash prize of €2500.

The films documenting the experiments generated over 20 million views on YouTube, "Piano Stairs" has become one of the most shared films online in viral history, and Volkswagen eco-car sales are up year over year. More than 700 concepts from 35 countries were submitted for the contest. And finally DDB won the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix for their Volkswagen’s campaign.

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