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World Aids Day – Best AIDS Video Campaigns Ever

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Here's are little selection of video awareness campaign for AID/HIV.

Feel free to propose other videos in the comment section.




Places, HIV Fondation / AIDS Council Finland


Grim Reaper - Australia 1982


We Shouldn't Be Making This Advert - Australia 2012


AIDS Graffiti


Don't die of ignorance - 1987 UK


Egypt, 2012


Shot, MTV 2007


Condoms Vs. AIDS, MTV Tennille Teague agency


Your Body, Your Rules.  Mtv, Think


Inside - Don't Let AIDS Destroy Their Future, Born HIV Free


Baby In The Sky, Born HIV Free


Facts & Figure, Born HIV Free


Sugar Baby Love, AIDES, TBWA Paris agency, Cannes Lions 2006 Silver Award - Public Health & Safety


Baby Baby, Aides, TBWA Paris agency 2006

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