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World Cancer Day 2013

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Here's a little review of different campaigns on the 4th February 2013 for the World Cancer Day.

The main message the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) wanted to spread during this day was to break Cancer Myths.

You can also find on their website every events that were organized on the 4th February and sign the World Cancer Declaration.

The worldcancerday.org website from UICC received 2,238,268 hits, their Facebook page garnered 10,547 "Likes", which resulted in reaching 1,449,363 people on Facebook. For Twitter, #WorldCancerDay was trending on the platform with 81,570 tweets resulting in 220 million impressions.

The Harvard School of Public Health made this video to give facts about cancer instead of myths:


The World Cancer Research Fund International (http://www.wcrf.org) showed a video where they're asking people in the street what caused cancer:


An initiative by SCOPH - IFMSA India (Standing Committee of Public Health) and the International Federation of Medical Students Association:


Stand Up To Cancer asked everybody to take a picture of them with a placard and tell the world who you honor when you Stand Up To Cancer:


You can also have a view to our dedicated post to the video "Enemy" made by AMV BBDO for The cancer research UK foundation.

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