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Earth Hour premiered this month its new 2013 Official Video. Created by the award-winning design firm "Resolution" based in Sydney Australia, the video shows examples of the thousands "I will if you will" challenges created in 2012.

The "I will if you will" challenges concept was launched last year and is set to be used this year and next year again. Its goal is to engage the community beyond the hour. Andy Ridley Earth Hour Global Co-Founder and CEO emphasizes in this regard that "this year’s video reflects how “I Will If You Will” is the next step towards an interconnected global community, sharing the opportunities and challenges of a sustainable future".

Earth Hour is a global event organized by the WWF. This year's event will be held on March 23 2013. You can get involved by going on the YouTube Hearth Hour Global Channel. Check the challenges. Or create one and invite MadClock.com!


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