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Shark Week

on WildAid, WWF  

This week is "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. As the program is celebrating its 25th edition with a bunch of programs and events, MadClocks.com would like to take the opportunity to highlight two campaigns running to preserve the global shark population.

Why such a need? Because 73 million sharks are killed every year worldwide. The reason? The specie's fins are used to prepare expensive soups that are particularly popular by some gourmets mostly living in Asia. The result? 180 shark species are threatened with extinction today. And this is 12 times more than 15 years ago.

On the occasion of Shark Week and in collaboration with Discovery Channel and Gameloft, WildAid created the Shark Dash Game to fight for shark conservation. The game aims to be fun, addictive, has a cartoons-style design and is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. The organization frequently works with personalities such as Chinese Basketball player Yao Ming and Sir Richard Branson to help them raising awareness on the cause .

Another NGO, WWF Singapore entitled "Say No to Shark Fin" its campaign on the matter and shouts please "Sharks in the Seas. Not in the Soup" with the help of the Agency Fuse Creative Singapore. The organization calls individual consumers, restaurants and companies to stop consuming shark fins by joining the initiative on their website. They sent 2000 emails to corporate partners to spread the word and invite the ones organizing banquets to insert the "No Fin Banquet Cards" into their menu.

To help spreading the world WWF also offers you to adopt a great white shark. MadClocks.com is considering it but still hesitates as we only have showers in the office and no access to the sea in Switzerland.

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